That is Funnily (yes I said "funnily" leave me alone) Asked Questions since I've never really had any frequently asked ones. The following is a collection of questions I got when I made a call for questions about the comic and also a couple that have come up from other sources.

What is your "Holy Grail" the lego piece or set you MUST have but do not own?

Actually I already own my "Holy Grail" piece. It's a black parrot. I had one years ago and someone stole it, and then I got one as a gift a while back. As far as I know it only came with one set. I would kinda like the roast turkey peice(s). I'm strange, I know. UPDATE: I have the roast turkey now, in fact i've had it since christmas, but I've been lazy to update, my lovely girlfriend was kind enough to buy it for me! :D

Have you ever had feed back from any one involved with the Shows/movies you satire

No. Seriously, if Sarah Michelle Geller or for that matter any of young ladies from Buffy the Vampire Slayer want to contact me I can be reached at (message truncated due to stupidity).

How many Legos do you own?

Um... my mother would say "too many" I would say "not enough" I've been collecting since I was 4 and I'm an only child. That should give you a small hint, plus three very nice people donated their entire collections to me, so yeah.

Where do you get the names for your characters?

There are a couple of good stories there. Most of the names were off the top of my head, but translate 46's full name from hexidecimal if you want a laugh. TAG is pretty obvious and explained in the comic, Bob Smith was mostly the most common name I could think of, Johnny Danger is a bit self explanatory, and then there's things like Gary and Jeff, I think it's amusing to give intimidating things and guys regular names, but that's just me.

What is your favorite liceneced lego collection?

The old castle sets, when they really knew how to make nice practical sets. I'm very sick of these big readymade pieces they've got now, takes all the fun out of building.

How many lives does Ensign Red Shirt have? does he earn new ones by just surviving five minutes?

Red is a descendant of Kenny McCormick. That help? ;)

How much lego would a lego-chuck chuck if a lego-chuck could chuck lego?

::chucks legos at offending party::

Are you actually made of legos yourself?


And if so, what do you eat for breakfast?


Why did you change Shauna and Alice's hair? I liked it better the other way around.

Cause I wanted to give Shauna more range of head movement which that particular hair does not allow. I may change it back at a later date, haven't decided yet.

Why do you use frames in your Info page when everyone knows they are evil on a stick?

Cause I don't know how to do what I want any other way, and frankly that way isn't particularly good either, but it's what I know. If anyone can help me make that database thing look cooler I'd appreciated it. Flash.. or something, I don't know.

How do you change Legos expressions? Do they really make happy and sad faces for each of the different heads?

Only for certain heads.

What is the story behind that third eye of yours?

It's magic, it allows me to see into the distant lego future and tell you of the events I see.

What exactly made you wake up one morning and be like, "I should take pictures of lego people and put them online."? I mean I like it but why?

Always wanted to do a webcomic, but my drawing skills are not at a level I'm satisfied with. I obviously have a lot of jokes to tell, and I wanted an outlet. Between reading 8-bit theatre which lead me to realize I don't have to draw to do a webcomic and seeing Sluggy Freelance's Lego Week, and looking at my Lego collection, well it just kinda clicked.