The Comic

Legostar Galactica began on a lark. I made the first comic just sort of as amusement and my friends seemed to like it. So I made another, and another and very quickly was able to produce a weeks worth in a an hour or two over the weekend, so I adopted that habit and have kept it up ever since.

The name came from a brainstorming session with my friend Jen, I can't remember exactly what she threw out but it was close to the final result. It's odd that up to this point I haven't actually made any direct Battlestar Galactica jokes...

As may be obvious I'm a Scifi nut, and in addition to the regular jokes Legostar is filled with many obscure scifi and other references, a few that only a select few people I grew up with will ever get. I do try to make even those jokes accessible in part to a larger audience and to date I haven't heard any complaints.

I don't draw as badly as I claim, but it's not up to my satisfaction and I'm not able to produce comics of a caliber I'm satisfied with (type A personality) on a regular basis and I'd rather not be the type of person that ends up going from 5 days a week, to 3 days a week, to once a week, to whenever, especially since I don't have free time in excess.

The Author

I am currently a Graduate Student studying Pharmacology, Neuroscience, and Molecular Biology (The PhD will just be in Pharmacology, but I do all those things).

Obviously I like legos and have quiet a few, but in addition I enjoy Dancing, Ballroom and Swing specifically, reading, writing, (not arthimatic), and watching good (and bad) science fiction.

Being a Grad Student leaves me with little time for much else.